LANSING, Mich., May 23, 2024 — State Rep. Mike McFall (D-Hazel Park) presented a new automated external defibrillator (AED) to Hazel Park Schools on Monday. Recently signed legislation requires schools maintain AEDs and ensure they are accessible within one to three minutes during a cardiac emergency. In celebration of the new law, the NFL donated 50 AEDs for Michigan legislators to distribute to schools in their districts. McFall issued the following statement after presenting the AED to the Hazel Park Board of Education:


“Readily accessible AEDs allow school staff and students to take swift action, which is key to increasing survival rates of cardiac arrest. I’m glad the House Dems and the NFL were able to collaborate to save lives, and I’m grateful there will be an additional measure of safety for Hazel Park student athletes and sporting event attendees.”