LANSING, Mich., Jan. 25, 2023 — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered the State of the State address tonight before a joint session of the Legislature at the Capitol in Lansing. In the speech, the governor discussed her legislative agenda for the new term, which includes bolstering the economy, increasing public safety, lowering costs for families, protecting fundamental rights, supporting Michigan workers, investing in early childhood education and attracting talent to Michigan. 

“Supporting Michigan’s hardworking families and encouraging young people to remain in our state is only possible if there are plenty of economic opportunities for everyone,” said State Rep. Mike McFall (D-Hazel Park). “We must ensure our local communities are given the resources they need to prosper and thrive in a way that’s equitable, especially for underfunded municipalities. I look forward to helping the governor make sure Michigan is the best place to live, work and thrive.” 

McFall was joined by the vice chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus, Alexis Ramsey, for the governor’s address. Ramsey is a well-respected leader in the state and the 8th House District and is acutely aware of the needs of economically disadvantaged communities.

“As vice chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus, it is important to attend the State of the State to hear Gov. Whitmer’s direction for the future of Michigan,” Ramsey said. “I was glad to hear the governor’s plans on infrastructure, clean energy, small businesses and education. With the influx of dollars from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan, I am eager to see the governor’s plan unfold as we work to help distressed communities. The State of the State allows us to hear and support the mission of the governor over the next year and our Democratically held state leadership. I am encouraged by the progress that will be made through the Michigan Forward Agenda.”