LANSING, Mich., April 13, 2023 — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the first firearm safety reforms in more than a decade into law today. House Democrats passed the bills, which require universal background checks on all gun sales and establish safe storage requirements, last month after the tragic shooting at Michigan State University, where the signing took place. 

“Secure storage requirements have been a personal priority of mine, ever since I first stepped foot in the House,” said state Rep. Felicia Brabec (D-Pittsfield), chair of the legislative Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention Caucus. “Today marks the beginning of Michigan’s new firearm standards, an inception of change in Michigan gun culture and standards of gun responsibility. It is these shifts that will help keep firearms out of the hands of children, also keeping our loved ones safe.” 

The new laws will require firearms to be safely stored if a minor is present; exempt firearm safety device purchases from taxation through the end of 2024; require individuals to have a license or a federal national instant background check to purchase, carry, possess or transport a firearm; and applies background check requirements to all firearms, instead of only pistols.

“It’s so important that lawmakers and community members take decisive action to protect communities from gun violence,” said state Rep. Christine Morse (D-Texas Township), the caucus vice chair. “Here at the Capitol we have done just that — and we aren’t done yet. We are continuing our efforts toward effective and constitutionally sound policies on firearm safety.” 

House Democrats have also introduced extreme risk protection order bills, which are continuing through the legislative process. Legislative Democrats will continue to promote firearm safety and protections through Michigan law.