LANSING, Mich., Oct. 12, 2020 — Following months of inaction in response to calls for increased health and safety protocols for the protection of legislative members, employees and the general public, House Democratic Leader Christine Greig issued an open letter to Speaker Chatfield calling for immediate action to fully implement COVID-19 life-saving measures including a mask mandate for all Members and to prohibit firearms in the Capitol Building and the Anderson Office Building.

“Last week’s shocking revelation of a terrorist plot targeting Governor Whitmer and the Capitol underscores the need for urgent action on your part. Mr. Speaker, you have a duty to ensure that steps are taken to safeguard the lives of each Member of the House and the hardworking legislative staff who assist us,” wrote House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills).

Since April, there have been innumerable discussions and correspondence citing the ongoing safety concerns and imploring Speaker Chatfield to safeguard members, employees and the public when working or visiting the State Capitol Building.

“While it is my sincere hope that you will act, if these health and safety hazards are not addressed, the House Democratic Caucus will take further steps to ensure a safe workplace, including filing a complaint with MIOSHA. Now is not the time for continued obfuscation or equivocation. It is not the time for excuses or more political theatre. Now is the time for action,” continued Greig.

To view the letter, click the link below.

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