LANSING, Mich., Nov. 30, 2020, — House Democratic Leader Christine Greig issued an open letter to Speaker Lee Chatfield again requesting action to prohibit firearms in the State Capitol Building.

“Too many times in the last several months, hyperpartisan hyperbole and the coddling of conspiracy theories have emboldened an extremist fringe in our state and endangered the safety of legislators, staff, and members of the public who have come to Lansing to peacefully petition their government,” wrote House Democratic Leader Christine Greig (D-Farmington Hills).

The hyperpartisan and divisive political rhetoric throughout this election cycle has contributed to a significant increase in armed intimidation at the State Capitol and threats of violence. Following the shocking revelations about a plot against the life of Governor Whitmer and legislators—that underscores the severity of this situation—the prohibition of guns in the Capitol building must be a priority as we conclude the 100th Legislature.

“It’s time the game of political hot potato ends, Mr. Speaker. To protect the safety of legislators, staff, and visitors—and to preserve the integrity of our legislative process free from threats of armed intimidation—it is time to prohibit firearms,” continued Greig.

To view the letter, click the link below.

Open Letter to Speaker Chatfield