LANSING, Mich., June 30, 2023 — The U.S. Supreme Court handed down the last of its decisions of the term this week, overturning affirmative action and blocking student loan forgiveness.

“These Supreme Court rulings represent a profound step backward for our nation and students across America,” said state Rep. Samantha Steckloff (D-Farmington Hills), chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education and Community Colleges. “Affirmative action has been a powerful tool to promote equality of opportunity for Black students and helped provide our campuses with the diverse viewpoints that enrich the college experience for everyone. Students just starting out their adult lives will be resaddled with debt that will diminish their quality of life, their wellbeing and their economic opportunities. I will continue to do everything I can to safeguard access to education and lower educational costs for Michigan college and university students. My fellow legislators and I are cognizant of how heavy financial burdens like school debt can be on so many Michiganders, and that’s why we are taking steps — like funding the Michigan Achievement Scholarship program —  to support Michigan students.” 

“The Supreme Court’s rulings are taking our country in the wrong direction,” said state Rep. Regina Weiss (D-Oak Park), chair of the Michigan House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid and Education. “Racial disparities in educational opportunity will only worsen with the overturning of affirmative action, and blocking student loan relief will harm countless students and graduates, and weaken our nation’s economy. Money that could’ve been used to start a business or buy a house will now be redirected toward paying off student loans. This decision will only hurt our nation’s economy and future generations to come. Here in Michigan, we chose to stand with our students by passing a historic school aid budget that invests $250 million in financial relief for students aspiring to become teachers. I’m proud of the investments Michigan has made in students and will continue to work hard in the Legislature to make education affordable and accessible for all.”