LANSING, Mich., March 21, 2024 — Michigan officials announced today that the state’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% in February. Additionally, Michigan’s labor force grew by 1.9% year over year, nearly triple the growth rate of the national labor force during the same period.

“Michigan’s decrease in unemployment to 3.9% is not just a statistic — it’s the lowest it’s been in 50 years and is a testament to the measured policies we’ve implemented and proof that our strategies are working,” said state Rep. Angela Witwer (Delta Township), chair of the House Appropriations Committee. “Our commitment to the prosperity of our state and its people has led us to a thriving economy and a robust workforce. We’ll keep putting Michiganders first in all our policies and decisions so that our state continues to be a beacon of economic growth and prosperity.”

House Dems’ legislative agenda for 2024 has focused on lowering costs and growing the economy. The process of developing a balanced state budget is underway with a strong rainy day fund, continued reinvestment in the people of Michigan, and expanding opportunities for residents to get ahead.

“The unemployment numbers are good news for Michigan,” said state Rep. Jason Hoskins (D-Southfield), chair of the House Committee on Economic Development and Small Business. “When we invest in people and make Michigan a more welcoming state, these are the results. But our work isn’t done yet. We’re going to build on our recent successes and continue making Michigan the premier state in the nation to start or expand a business.”

Since gaining the majority in the state Legislature, Democrats invested in the people and places of Michigan. Reversing decades of underinvestment in education, infrastructure and clean energy has made Michigan’s economy one of the nation’s strongest. As the statewide unemployment rate decreased over the past month, the national unemployment rate went up.

“We’ve been working hard in Lansing to pass legislation that delivers on the promises we made to Michiganders. We listened, and we’re delivering,” said state Rep. Will Snyder (D-Muskegon), chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Economic Development, and Lifelong Learning. “Despite the economic comeback we’ve seen, our work isn’t done. It’s critical we continue to grow, invest and develop Michigan’s economy so that everyone has a chance to thrive with fair wages, good working conditions and opportunities for a better life.”