State Rep. Kristian Grant (D-Grand Rapids) speaks in support of her bill at the state Capitol on Sept. 27, 2023.

LANSING, Mich., Oct. 5, 2023 — Last week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill sponsored by state Rep. Kristian Grant (D-Grand Rapids) which would help solidify fair housing standards in Michigan. House Bill 4717 would amend Michigan’s Occupational Code to require real estate licensees to complete no less than one hour of fair housing instruction as part of their continuing education requirements. While real estate agents and brokers are required to complete fair housing training prior to initial licensure, there is currently no continuing education requirement to understand fair housing and discrimination rules.

“Access to safe, stable and healthy housing is one of the most important factors, if not the most important factor, for individuals and families to thrive and lead fulfilling lives,” Grant said. “Many people are not able to advocate for themselves and still struggle with accessing decent and stable housing, partially due to discrimination. I am excited to work with the realtors and my colleagues as we pass legislation to ensure that they are equipped to know fair housing laws. Working with our partners in the state Senate and seeing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sign this bill into law is something I look forward to.”