DUNDEE, Mich., May 10, 2023 — State Rep. Reggie Miller (D-Van Buren Township) announced the winners of her Teacher of the Month and Support Staff of the Month awards.

Congratulations to April’s Teacher of the Month and Support Staff of the Month Jacki Bearden and Roxanne Hope, respectively!

“I’m delighted to have gotten the chance to present Jacki with the April Teacher of the Month award,” Miller said. “Her amazing commitment to her kindergarten students and their parents ensures that these children are getting the best education possible. Jacki is integral to Dundee Elementary’ s First 10 team, which fosters early child development. She’s also been instrumental in planning events, such as Young 5’s and kindergarten family information night, and has opened her classroom to others to observe her innovative teaching strategies.

“It was also my honor to present Roxanne Hope with the April Support Staff of the Month award. Her amazing commitment to the well-being of her students, along with her excellent communication with their parents, ensures that these children receive a quality education. Roxanne founded the Fishing Club and the Diversity Club, each the first of their kind at Dundee Middle School. She also started art activities for students during lunch and volunteers her time to stay after school to tutor students.

“What makes these two individuals so special is their dedication both inside and outside of the classroom. I applaud the dedication they have consistently displayed and offer thanks for the manner in which both students and other educators benefit from all of this hard work. Teaching is a calling, and this community is lucky to have these two very special individuals.”