Agriculture Committee chair sponsors ‘right-to-repair’ bill

Stock Image of Miller

LANSING, Mich, May 25 2023 — State Rep. Reggie Miller (D-Van Buren Township) introduced legislation today giving farmers the right to repair their equipment. House Bill 4673 would provide farmers this right by banning manufacturers from restricting farm equipment maintenance to authorized service providers. Currently, users of these machines may only have their equipment repaired and routine services performed by an authorized dealer or technician. This legislation would save farmers time and money when their equipment needs service. Especially for those in rural areas, the freedom to fix and repair tractors and other farm equipment is invaluable, as a delay of just one day can make or break a season. This legislation relates only to the agricultural sector and does not affect the automotive or digital technology sectors.

“Giving farmers this right is common sense,” Miller said. “My constituents value their ability and freedom to fix and repair their own tractors and farm equipment. This bill will save Michigan’s farmers time and money by giving them the freedom to make their own repairs and maintenance decisions. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get this bill over the finish line.”