LANSING, Mich., Sept. 22, 2022 — State Rep. Christine Morse (D-Texas Township) introduced a public service safety bill —  House Bill 6407. The bill would appropriate almost $25 million to fund the purchase and installation of bulletproof windows and doors for the Michigan State Police cruisers. The legislation would also create a competitive grant program for the same installation process for local police department vehicles.


“With the death of Sgt. Ryan Proxmire in August of 2021, our community sought a productive response in the face of tragedy,” Rep. Morse said. “I introduced House Bill 6407 so that local departments have the option to take increased safety measures, as best fits their circumstances. This legislation is our way of showing commitment to protecting the safety of public servants across the state.”


The introduction of the bill comes only a year after the tragic death of Kalamazoo County Sheriff Sgt. Proxmire, shot and killed in his patrol vehicle during a vehicle chase on August 14, 2021. The legislation is aimed at preventing this kind of tragedy from ever reoccurring by funding extra layers of protection for police. Morse is grateful to have the support of the current Kalamazoo County Sheriff.


“This bill being introduced by Representative Morse is a life-saving measure. The gun violence we are seeing has increased in the last several years,” Sheriff Richard Fuller said. Officers and deputies are involved in investigations and attempt to stop a significant number of violent situations. My duty as a sheriff is to advocate for and help develop new methods of keeping the women and men of law enforcement safe. The introduction of a bullet-resistant windshield will help in this fight. A worthy fight. One to keep our peacekeepers safe.”