LANSING — Yesterday, HB 4734 unanimously passed out of the House Elections and Ethics Committee. The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), would revise the Michigan Election Law to extend the time that county clerks have to certify election results from a half day to a full day. HB 4734 also clarifies what should occur in the absence or disqualification of a board of county canvassers member — authorizing present members of the board to appoint either the county’s prosecutor, sheriff or register of deeds as a replacement.

“Certification of an election is a critical component of any stable democracy, and it is important that we give clerks the space needed to ensure they can do their jobs to the best of their ability,” said Rep. Moss. “This bill will make it easier for county clerks and boards of canvassers around the state to work together in certifying election results.”

Additionally, HB 4734 would require the board of county canvassers to report any irregularities in the number of ballots counted to the Secretary of State’s office, providing the Secretary essential information on election problems at the local level. The bill, which has garnered widespread support — including from the Secretary of State and the Michigan Association of County Clerks — now moves to the House floor.

“At a time when we need to safeguard the sanctity of our election process, this bill provides an important step forward in ensuring our state’s elections run smoothly for years to come,” said Rep. Moss. “I thank my House colleagues for giving this important legislation due consideration and hope for quick passage in the House.”