LANSING — Today, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a legislative package that would amend state law surrounding occupational licensing. The package, if enacted, would exclude licensing boards and agencies from using criminal convictions, in and of themselves, as conclusive proof of an individual’s lack of good moral character in denying them an occupational license.

“If someone has paid their debt to society, we shouldn’t take away their shot to fairly compete in Michigan’s economy,” said state Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield), who introduced House Bill 6381 within the package. “Those working to build a new life for themselves and their families should be applauded, not punished, for seeking an occupational license. This legislation is an important step toward reducing the institutional unfairness that keeps people in our population consistently disadvantaged, and I hope my colleagues in the Senate will take up this proposal promptly.”

HB 6381 passed the House unanimously. The package, which also includes House Bills 6110-6113, now moves to the Senate for consideration.