LANSING — State Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) has introduced legislation to end the ban on political signs in the state Capitol building. As Capitol Commission policy currently stands, all Michigan residents are denied the ability to exercise their First Amendment rights in the Capitol, yet are free to carry their firearms into the building.

“Open carry advocates are gathering today at the Capitol building to demonstrate their ability to freely enter the Capitol with a firearm,” said Rep. Moss. “This statement of their Second Amendment rights provides a stark contrast to those Michigan residents who are denied access to the Capitol with their protest or rally signs, incredibly due to the claim that their signs might damage the building.”

Today, an open carry march is taking place at Michigan’s Capitol and visitors with rifles will be welcomed in, while people carrying signs are kept outside.

“State leaders place a higher value on access to more and more guns in more and more places than they do any other constitutionally-protected right,” said Rep. Moss. “If we are going to protect individuals’ Second Amendment rights while they are in the Capitol, we should be protecting their First Amendment rights as well.”