LANSING — House Democratic Whip Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) has been named the Democratic vice chairman of the influential House Regulatory Reform Committee for 2017-18. He had previously been a member of the same committee in the 2015-16 session.

“It is a great honor to be asked to lead the Democratic efforts in the House Regulatory Reform Committee,” Rep. Moss said. “This committee is tasked with enacting or repealing regulations that affect public health and safety, protect our environment, and help small businesses grow and thrive. My goal is to always act in ways that will benefit working families, small-business owners and others in Michigan who have yet to feel the benefits of a growing economy.”

Rep. Moss will also continue his work on House Local Government Committee, on which he served last term as the Democratic vice chair. Before joining the Legislature, Rep. Moss served on the Southfield City Council, where he was the youngest member ever elected to that position.

“As a former City Councilman, I know firsthand that state funding cuts to local governments are hurting our communities. I’m also troubled by a trend among some in the Legislature to sap our cities and townships of local control by passing laws that limit their ability to self-govern,” Rep. Moss said. “This term, I will continue fighting for the right of locally elected councils and commissions to determine how to best serve their communities, and reject attempts to allow the state to usurp local control.”

Rep. Moss has also been appointed to the House Elections and Ethics Committee. In his first term, Rep. Moss took a proactive interest in these issues. He sponsored a bill that would expand Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act that overwhelmingly passed the House. He is also one of the sponsors of legislation that would replace Michigan’s partisan redistricting system with an independent commission.

“Our state is ranked last in the nation in terms of ethics and transparency, and it’s long past time we changed that,” Rep. Moss said. “Holding our government accountable to the people, and building an electoral system in our state that is fair and competitive, will rebuild trust in our government. I will always oppose legislation that would restrict voting access and work to encourage more people to exercise their right to vote.”