LANSING, Mich. April 30, 2020 — State Rep. Cynthia Neeley (D-Flint) introduced two bills today to provide additional support for first responders, essential workers and those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. The bills, House Bills 5759 and 5760, would provide an income tax credit and expand the childcare income eligibility subsidy for first responders and medical professionals.

“Right now, hundreds of thousands of first responders, medical personnel and essential workers are on the frontline of this crisis every day,” Neeley said. “Many of them have been forced to spend their own money to get the personal protective equipment they need, not to mention the sacrifices they and their families are making. It’s crucial that we ensure they get the support they need now.”

First responders, frontline workers, and their families are making tremendous sacrifices during this time. Some have even taken the extraordinary step not to return home while they are caring for the sick to eliminate the chance of bringing the virus home with them. Neeley hopes the bills will provide much need help to those the front lines.  HB 5759 and 5760 were referred to the House Tax Policy Committee and the Committee on Families, Children and Seniors, respectively.