LANSING, Mich., Jan. 26, 2022 — Today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered her fourth State of the State address from Detroit Diesel. Her remarks highlighted proposals that put Michiganders first by growing Michigan’s economy, creating jobs, cutting taxes and lowering costs for families. In response, State Rep. Cynthia R. Neeley (D-Flint) issued the following statement: 

“I applaud Gov. Whitmer for putting forward plans that will put communities like Flint first. For too long, we’ve suffered from underfunding and a lack of resources. With a leader like the governor, that is no longer the case. I look forward to working with my colleagues on these all-important issues, ranging from rebuilding our infrastructure to improving access to mental health.”




State Rep. Cynthia R. Neeley
(517) 373-8808