FLINT — This Saturday marks three years since state Rep. Sheldon A. Neeley (D-Flint) sent his first letter to Attorney General Bill Schuette requesting an investigation into the water crisis plaguing the city of Flint. That September 2015 letter — the first of many sent by Rep. Neeley urging Attorney General Schuette and the Snyder administration to act on behalf of Flint residents — was ignored for months as residents continued to drink contaminated water.

“After four long years of enduring this water crisis, we are forced to question whether Mr. Schuette should be applying for another job before he finishes the one he currently has. We still need to establish a comprehensive plan for Flint to help our community reach a place of healing and recovery,” said Rep. Neeley. “The people of Flint are resilient and deserve an opportunity to heal and develop a restored sense of confidence in their government officials. My family, friends, neighbors, and I are vested residents of Flint. This is my home. We need a plan to be presented to get to a place of helping, healing, and recovery for all Flint families.”

Since the attorney general began the investigation, multiple millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars have been spent with very little results. No individual has been sentenced to any prison or jail time, nor has any individual been required to compensate the Flint community for having contributed to the poisoning of the city’s water. The total cost of the investigation and prosecution may exceed $10 million.

A copy of the letter Rep. Neeley sent to Attorney General Schuette on Sept. 29, 2015, is attached here.