FLINT — This evening, PBS will air the latest episode in the Frontline documentary series, Flint’s Deadly Water, covering the Flint Water crisis. The scheduled installment will cover deaths caused by Legionnaires’ disease and the growing concern that more may be affected than previously reported. State Rep. Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint), who was among the first to call on then Attorney General Bill Schuette to take action when the outbreak came to light in 2014, has issued the following statement:

“Every day, the crisis of confidence in Flint grows worse, due in part to new information that more deaths may have been caused by Legionnaires’ disease than previously reported and newly uncovered callous remarks made by former department head Nick Lyon. The people of Flint were poisoned, lied to and ignored, and now they fear they will be denied justice. Just as I called on the former attorney general, I am calling on Attorney General Nessel to zealously fight to deliver the people of Flint the justice they deserve. Do not let those who are criminally liable, either through malfeasance or financial misconduct, escape the rule of law. We have waited long enough, and we need justice now.”