LANSING – State Representative Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) has sent a letter to Gov. Rick Snyder, as well as his chief of staff, Dennis Muchmore, and his senior advisor, Dick Posthumus, to inform them of the current crisis affecting the city of Flint’s water supply. Residents have spoken out about the quality of the water, calling it unsafe to drink. Photos taken by residents and Flint media have shown the water to be brownish in color, with sediment and other foreign bodies floating in it.

“In light of the rising and continuous concerns in the Flint community, it is imperative that the governor explores all options in his power to come to the aid of the community,” Neeley said.

In the letter, Rep. Neeley asks for an executive decision by the governor to forgive Flint’s water fund loan balance of nearly $20.8 million so that those funds may be used to help the city rebuild the infrastructure as well as provide a cost-effective water delivery system.

With this loan forgiveness, Rep. Neeley explains the city will be able to upgrade wastewater treatment processes, improve safe drinking water upgrades and maintain a water system that provides better water to the citizens of Flint.

“The people of Flint elected me to serve them first, and when I see my constituents on the verge of civil unrest, I must act swiftly and with passion,” Neeley said. “I am hopeful this letter will bring the concerns of Flint to Gov. Snyder, and that will in turn open a dialogue about what can be done to help the community I love so much.”