The Michigan State Police Department is launching a new automatic expungement program, which will search the state’s Criminal Historical Record database system daily for eligible convictions to automatically expunge. 

Eligible residents may have up to four misdemeanors punishable by 93 days or more automatically expunged once seven years have elapsed since the date of the imposition of a sentence. There is no limit on the number of misdemeanors punishable by less than 93 days that may be automatically expunged following the same waiting period. For felonies, up to two convictions may be automatically expunged following 10 years after either the date of the imposition of the sentence, or the completion of any term of imprisonment with Michigan Department of Corrections. Residents who believe they qualify for automatic expungement can check the Internet Criminal History Access Tool webpage to view their public record. More information about the expungement process can be found on the Department of Attorney General’s website.