LANSING — State Representative LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit) announced her support last night for the formation of the Neighborhood Transformational Alliance (NTA), a new Community Development Corporation (CDC). The alliance aims to empower communities through beautification and enrichment efforts for once-thriving neighborhoods now on the mend.

“As members of this community, it is our responsibility to not only be good stewards of our own resources, but those of our neighbor, too,” said Garrett. “This is not only about lifting individual spirits, but restoring a sense of communal identity, and these initiatives will help foster that.”

The project was introduced at an event in Detroit last evening. Housed within the NTA will be several smaller initiatives, aimed at improving specific neighborhoods and projects. The One Square Mile Initiative will focus on law enforcement, economic development, blight removal, home ownership and tax credits. The 8 Mile Wall Initiative will focus specifically on revitalization. The Wall — located at the Northern boundary of Van Antwerp Park, on Pembroke Avenue between Birwood and Mendota Street — was built in 1940 as a means of separating black and white neighborhoods. Thirdly, the Wyoming Economic Business Development Project will focus on façade improvement, tax credit, green space enhancement and the development of small business loans. Lastly, the Home Ownership and Housing Development will be administered through the Heritage Community Development Non-Profit. 

“I believe our neighborhoods are still filled with good people who care about the strength of our community,” Garrett said. “The NTA gives new hope to many homeowners and businesses that in many cases have had a lifetime of vested interest in the success and stability of our neighborhoods.”