LANSING – A new independent national study this week revealed the job creation potential if Michigan adopted policies like the proposed “Michigan Jobs Now” plan pushed by several House Democrats. State Representatives Jim Ananich (Flint), Jeff Irwin (Ann Arbor) and others offered HB 4758 which would invest $400 million in schools, infrastructure, and renewable energy efforts that are a proven strategy to create thousands of jobs right away for Michigan workers.

“Yesterday’s report that Michigan’s unemployment rate has actually increased is a reminder that all of our efforts should be concentrated on getting people working again,” said Ananich, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. “As this study shows, investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology creates jobs and provides savings for cash-strapped consumers.”

The study by the Union of Concerned Scientists titled “A Bright Future for the Heartland – Powering the Midwest Economy with Clean Energy” found that Michigan had the potential to help create “nearly 15,300 net new jobs from deploying renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.” It also highlighted that Michigan was tied with Indiana across the Midwest region for the highest potential consumer savings by 2030 – possibly $9 billion in lower utility bills during that period. Details of the report can be found here:

“Every day we don’t act, we’re missing out on making Michigan a leader in clean energy jobs,” said Rep. Irwin. “Lawmakers need to move with more urgency to take advantage of our opportunities in wind, solar, biomass and other emerging industries.”