LANSING, Mich., May 26, 2022 — State Rep. Amos O’Neal (D-Saginaw) introduced House Bill 6141 to provide further funding for public health services. This is an appropriation bill providing $11 million in additional funding to the Essential Local Public Health Services. 


“Since stepping into office, advocating for increased health funding has always been a top priority. Increased funding is necessary for the wellbeing and health of our growing communities,” O’Neal said. “As our health programs recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, our communities need support now more than ever. This assistance has the potential to save lives, and an individual’s life is priceless.”


The funding would directly assist in preventive and maintenance health concerns. For example, the funds would help with infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infections, hearing and vision screening, food safety protocol and much more. 


Under current law, state and local public health departments are required to split the costs and share reimbursements 50/50, though these reimbursements do not meet the 50% mark with the funding in place now.


“Michigan has a history of ranking low in the U.S for health funding,” O’Neal said. “It is time to take action to change that. House Bill 6141 takes the necessary steps forward, and it is a bill aimed at specifically assisting our communities.”