SAGINAW, Mich., July 20, 2022 — State Rep. Amos O’Neal (D-Saginaw) held a press conference at the Saginaw Sheriff’s Office yesterday to commemorate the budget allocation of $1 million to the Bridge the Gap Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the community.


“I was honored to recognize and congratulate this wonderful foundation,” O’Neal said. “The work Bridge the Gap does strengthens our community. These funds will support their work — contributing to a safer, more connected Saginaw by creating stronger relationships between residents and law enforcement.” 


Bridge the Gap’s community goal is to come together on common ground to promote understanding, respect and trust within the community. The foundation is active in its initiative with basketball leagues, community events and an annual family fun festival. The organization also financially assists those seeking a higher education and gives a stipend to those pursuing police officer training.


“The foundation hosts a variety of wonderful events teaching community members of all ages what it takes to cultivate camaraderie and good teamwork to win.” O’Neal continued stating, “We celebrate Bridge the Gap’s win today. It is with their initiatives that our community has grown and will continue to strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the community.”