LANSING — A coalition of Democratic legislators introduced legislation Wednesday to update the current lopsided tax system in Michigan. House Bills 4481, 4482 and House Joint Resolution G were introduced to institute a graduated state income tax that would increase state revenue by over $2.5 billion while cutting or maintaining tax rates for 92 percent of Michigan families. Currently, Michigan is one of only eight states with a flat state income tax structure. In response to this legislation, Rep. Kristy Pagan (D-Canton), who co-sponsored all three bills, released the following statement:

“Pursuing a graduated income tax plan will level the playing field for working families by ensuring that the wealthiest are paying their fair share to improve our state. Relying on working families to disproportionately pay to fix our roads and fund our schools illustrates how askew our tax rules are. Dozens of states have already given up on this failed model and it is beyond time for Michigan to have real conversations about our flawed tax system.  Michigan families are long overdue for a fair deal on taxes.”