LANSING — The Michigan House of Representatives approved state budgets yesterday for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. In response to the passing of the proposed Department of Corrections (MDOC) budget, state Rep. Kristy Pagan (D-Canton), Democratic Vice Chair of the Corrections Appropriations subcommittee, issued the following statement:


“Michigan’s correctional facilities and criminal justice system already face enough challenges without a budget that exacerbates those challenges. Appropriating one-time funding from project work agreements is not the way to fund a department and places prison operations in serious jeopardy and the safety of our communities at-risk. By not fully funding the MDOC, we set the Department back in rehabilitating citizens before they are released from prison, keeping people safe, and reducing crime in Michigan. This budget also includes punitive actions against immigrants and refugees and takes local control away from law enforcement. This policy is misguided and dangerous and creates a constant state of fear for many of our neighbors. It is our diversity that makes Michigan strong.”