LANSING, Mich., March 3, 2023 — State Rep. Veronica Paiz (D-Harper Woods) and colleagues at the Michigan House of Representatives delivered on promises this week at the Capitol. A variety of important House Bills were passed or introduced this week including the 1931 abortion repeal, HBs 4006 and 4032; a budget supplement bill, HB 4016; and gun reform bills, HBs 4138-48

“This week, I voted for historic changes for my constituents and for Michigan,” Paiz said. “These bills are only the beginning of the meaningful and essential work that will continue to flow through the Capitol and Legislature this term. It’s time to reflect on the momentous work done this week and prepare for the week ahead.”

HBs 4006 and 40321931 Abortion Law Repeal

These bills struck draconian criminal abortion laws from Michigan books. HB 4006 repeals the ban from Michigan Penal Code of 1931. HB 4032 would eliminate a reference to the ban from the state’s Code of Criminal Procedure.

HB 4016 — Supplemental Investments

HB 4016 contains a wide variety of crucial funding allocations, including economic development investments and the disbursement of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars that, if not distributed soon, could be returned to Washington, D.C. It makes historic investments in hospitals and health-care workers, ensuring health-care providers can maintain safe staffing ratios to guarantee the care Michiganders need and deserve. The supplemental includes $75 million of ARPA funds allocated to hospital staffing grants and $67 million of ARPA funds for health workforce grants, totaling $142 million. 

HBs 4188-48 Gun Reform Package

The 11-bill package comprises three main categories. The first is universal background checks. Current state law requires background checks on certain firearm purchases, but not all. The bills would close loopholes in the law to ensure that every firearm sale includes a background check. The package also includes legislation that would establish safe storage mandates and extreme risk protection orders (ERPO).

“This week, we made huge strides forward — from repealing the abortion ban, to introducing gun reform laws, to allocating funds for a better Michigan future,” Paiz said. “We did it all, we made promises and we delivered. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to make meaningful change.”