The following is a list of legislation Rep. Robert L. Kosowski (D-Westland) that has passed the House and the status of each item.

House Resolution 180: A resolution declaring July 2013 as Parks and Recreation Month in the state of Michigan. Status: Adopted June 18, 2013

House Bill 4395: Creation of community swimming pool authorities and subsequent powers. Enables authorities to levy, collect and distribute taxes. Status: Signed into law Dec. 26, 2013, as Public Act 255 of 2013

HB 4659: Amends Public Health Code concerning any matters involving “vital records.” Creates “Responsible Father Registry.” Status: Passed House on June 4, 2013; awaiting action in Senate Committee on Families, Seniors and Human Services

HB 4752: Waives fees for veterans who have training in the civilian career fields they are receiving licensing for. Must have similar training and expertise. Status: Signed into law on Nov. 12, 2013, as PA 167 of 2013

HB 4985: Creates memorial highway along M-153 in honor of Firefighter Brian Woehlke. Status: Passed House on May 21, 2014; awaiting action in Senate Transportation Committee

HB 5271: Witness providing statement in court trial is enabled to an approved “support person.” The “custodian” of a video recording is enabled to witness the footage before the court date. Status: Passed House on June 4, 2014; awaiting action in Senate Judiciary Committee

HB 5453: Vehicle over specific height will be liable for all damages incurred if a collision with a lawfully established bridge occurs. Establishes height and length restrictions. Status: Passed House on May 8, 2014; awaiting action in Senate Infrastructure Modernization Committee

HB 5466: Either parent or a prosecuting attorney may file an action for revocation of an acknowledgement of parentage. DHS has the ability to transfer responsibilities. Status: Passed House on Sept. 18, 2014; awaiting action in Senate Committee on Families, Seniors and Human Services

HB 5488: An act to revise and consolidate the laws relating to worker’s disability compensation. Creates oversight bodies to hasten and smooth process. Status: Signed into law on June 21, 2014, as PA 237 of 2014

HB 5497: Revise experience electrician requirements for veterans and waive certain license, registration and application fees. Status: Passed House on June 10, 2014; awaiting action in Senate Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs and Homeland Security