An important change is coming for Medicaid recipients, as the Medicaid Continuous Coverage rule is expiring, and individuals will once again need to renew their eligibility to remain on Medicaid coverage. Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Medicaid programs were required to keep enrollees continuously through the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. At the end of 2022, the federal government passed a year-end budget bill that set March 31 as the expiration for this continuous coverage rule. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will begin sending renewal packages one to two months before they are due. It is absolutely critical that you keep an eye on your mailbox for those documents to ensure you do not lose coverage if you remain eligible. MDHHS explains what you need to do to be prepared for these changes here.

This change in federal rules has the potential to be disastrous for Michiganders, and I am committed to working with my colleagues to find solutions. I have had conversations with House leadership, the MDHHS, the Department of Insurance and Financial Services, and numerous stakeholders about ways we can minimize the effects on our vulnerable populations. This is my most urgent priority at this time, and I will not rest until we have found a way to keep as many Medicaid recipients as possible qualifying for benefits next year. Follow me on social media and keep reading our monthly e-news, as I will continue to update the community on new developments.