LANSING — The House passed a sweeping overhaul of Michigan’s auto insurance system today. The final bill was rushed to its conclusion and ended our over 40 year system of auto no fault insurance. Instead of making an historic first attempt to remedy the system, the will of the legislature was to end the system. In response, state Rep. Ronnie Peterson (D-Ypsilanti) issued the following statement:

“For decades Michigan drivers have been paying among the highest insurance premiums in the nation. It had seemed that the current legislature was inching ever closer to a compromise that would deliver fair, affordable auto insurance reform while protecting lifesaving medical benefits. This hastily passed legislation does not deliver on this promise, and that’s why I vote no. My constituents deserve reform that actually protects them from non-driving factors, and they deserve a transparent process to deliver that reform. We all deserve guaranteed rate relief that is not an average across the state, but a real reduction for each and every driver.”