State Rep. Ronnie Peterson is serving his first term in the House of Representatives representing the 54th House District, which includes the city of Ypsilanti, along with Ypsilanti and Superior townships.

As a civic and community leader, Rep. Peterson is deeply committed and has been engaged in public service for more than 30 years. He served his community as an elected member of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. As a county commissioner, Rep. Peterson served as chair of the Ways and Means Committee and sat on the Retirement Pension Board and Money Purchase Board. Before countywide service, he was a member of the Ypsilanti City Council for two terms.

Rep. Peterson played a leading role in stimulating job creation, economic development and delivery of public services in Washtenaw County. For example, he was instrumental in founding the Eastern Washtenaw County Leaders forum and establishing the Spark East Business Incubator. He also served on the boards of the Washtenaw Development Council, Vantage Point Detroit Regional Aerotropolis, Wayne County Airport Joint Airport Zoning Board, Washtenaw Private Industry Council, and the Workforce Development Board. In addition, Rep. Peterson initiated civic improvement projects like renovating the 14th District Court, establishing the Washtenaw Human Services office in his community and increasing neighborhood improvement projects around Eastern Michigan University’s campus.

Beyond his official duties, Rep. Peterson also served on the boards of numerous associations and charitable organizations. Previously, he was president of the Ypsilanti Breakfast Optimist Club, and vice president and treasurer of the Ypsilanti Area Jaycees. As a volunteer, he supported and served on the boards of the Washtenaw County United Way, Advisory Council for Foster Grandparents Program, the Policy Council for Washtenaw Head Start, the Corner Health Center, the Full Circle Community Center and the Washtenaw County Council for Children.

As a Washtenaw County commissioner, former Ypsilanti City Council member and citizen, Rep. Peterson played a leading role with others in advocating for and establishing the following initiatives and resources in Ypsilanti:

  • Sponsoring the New Full Circle Community Center to enhance mental health services
  • Establishing the Washtenaw County Dental Clinic to expand service delivery
  • Founding the Harriet Street Commerce Center to provide employment and job training
  • Promoting the Downtown Ypsilanti and Cross Street Façade Improvement program
  • Advocating for establishment of the new Humane Society of Huron Valley