State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky (D-Livonia) introduced House Bill 4919 that would repeal the “no stricter than federal” law passed during 2018’s lame duck legislative session that prohibits state agencies from enacting rules or guidelines more stringent than the relevant federal standard, compromising Michigan’s ability to best address environmental crises.


Addressing the prevalence of PFAS remains a significant challenge in Michigan, especially considering the contaminant is considered a “forever chemical.” Beyond identifying contamination sources and providing temporary alternative water options to families, businesses and municipalities, longer term solutions are difficult to secure without the ability to develop more stringent standards.


“Simply put, Michigan-specific problems require Michigan-specific solutions,” Pohutsky said. “While national standards for health and environmental protections are incredibly important, they also tie our hands when overcoming challenges and threats that impact our state at higher rates than elsewhere in the country when we don’t afford ourselves the freedom to remain adaptive to these issues. Michiganders everywhere deserve to be able to trust the water coming out of their taps, and this legislation is vital to our ability as a state to ensure that happens.”