Bill would affect 400+ microbreweries and more across Michigan

LANSING, Mich., Sept. 14, 2023 — State Rep. Natalie Price (D-Berkley) introduced House Bill 5005, a bill to permit microbrewers and other similarly qualified premises that do not serve food to allow dogs inside their establishments subject to specified hygienic standards of practice by amending Michigan’s Food Law, Public Act 92 of 2000.

“Qualified premises” include microbrewers, small winemakers and tasting rooms as defined under the Michigan Liquor Control Code. Currently, qualified premises can apply for variances from their local health department to allow dogs in outdoor areas only.

“Allowing dogs in outdoor areas only greatly limits the amount of the year establishments can take advantage of the option. Expanding the parameters is about allowing small businesses the flexibility to develop their own business models, create jobs and stimulate local economies,” Price said. “Additionally, this bill seeks to attract and retain talent in Michigan by making our state an exciting and welcoming place people want to visit and call home.”

Under this new legislation, qualified premises would still be required to operate under hygienic standards of practice including, but not limited to, maintaining premises free from dog hair, waste and debris and prohibiting dogs from being on a seat, chair, customer’s lap, tabletop, countertop or similar surface.

“As a small business owner, this legislation is a game changer for my business and for microbreweries across the state,” said Kyle Gierada, owner of Dog & Pony Show Brewing in Oak Park. “I’ve lost business having to turn away dog owners during the colder months when my patio is not available. We are excited about the prospect of keeping our doors open year-round for our patrons and their four-legged friends.”