LANSING — After a closed session, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission voted recently to formally reprimand the state’s Department of Civil Rights Director, Agustin Arbulu, for making inappropriate comments objectifying women and creating an offensive work environment. Last week, it was revealed the comments included remarks about his daughter. In response, the Executive Committee of the Progressive Women’s Caucus is calling for his resignation, and has issued the following statement:

           “As a direct result of the comments and actions by Director Agustin Arbulu, the Executive Committee of the Progressive Women’s Caucus calls on Dr. Arbulu to resign his post as Director of the Department of Civil Rights immediately. Dr. Arbulu’s inappropriate and demeaning comments toward women, including comments about the physical appearance of his own daughter, and his behavior as the Department’s head, shows he has a complete disregard for the responsibility and weight that his position should carry. This behavior cannot be tolerated. The Department of Civil Rights is charged with investigating and resolving discrimination complaints, including those made on the basis of sex, as well as training on workplace harassment and advising the Legislature on civil rights policy. We can no longer trust Dr. Arbulu’s guidance on these topics, nor his capability to lead this department in an ethical manner and call for his immediate resignation.”

Members of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Women’s Caucus: Kristy Pagan, Chair; Kyra Bolden, Vice Chair; Mari Manoogian, Treasurer; Rachel Hood, Secretary; Stephanie Chang, Immediate Past Chair.