After putting in a lifetime of hard work, senior citizens deserve financial security and comfort in their golden years. People who played by the rules and responsibly set money aside, or worked in the public sector and qualified for a pension, shouldn’t have the rules changed on them.

However, that’s exactly what the governor and legislative Republicans have attempted to do in the last several years. As part of their massive tax shift from corporations to individuals in 2011, Republicans began taxing seniors’ retirement income. Those who are living on a fixed budget now have less money for groceries, bills and transportation. And last year, the majority tried to eliminate teachers’ pensions and make drastic cuts to municipal retirees’ health care benefits. Thanks to an outpouring of voices opposed to these changes, no such cuts were passed into law, but efforts are underway in 2017 to try again.

House Democrats are committed to protecting the financial well-being of seniors, instead of balancing the state budget on the backs of those who can afford it the least. Read about our efforts here: