LANSING — Today, House Republicans approved a resolution to reject Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s recent executive order which, among other things, eliminates three review boards the Legislature imposed last year. These review boards allow corporate representatives to oversee the DEQ, now called EGLE under the Governor’s reorganization plan, and its permitting process. In response, Democratic Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) issued the following statement:

“Every day that a family has to wonder if the water in their taps is safe to drink or the air in their home is safe to breathe is one day too many. That’s why families across the state overwhelmingly voted for a governor they knew would get to work to protect our environment. But instead of partnering with the governor to achieve greater protections for our environment and the public health, legislative Republicans seem more focused on protecting their corporate polluter friends. Gov. Whitmer has set a strong example by taking meaningful and decisive action to address Michigan’s environmental crises — it’s what the people elected her to do, and it’s what the families of Michigan deserve. The legislative majority shouldn’t stand in the way of progress.”