LANSING — Yesterday, the United Auto Workers called for a nationwide strike against General Motors following the expiration of the union contract at midnight on Saturday after talks stalled in the negotiation process. In response, House Democratic Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) issued the following statement:

“Today our UAW brothers and sisters are standing up for themselves and their families, fighting for fair wages and affordable health care. For too long General Motors has put profit before people, making billions off the backs of workers who have not shared in the success. These brave union workers, who have stood by the company through bankruptcy and bailout, are simply fighting for a fair slice of the pie as the company continues to post massive profits. I am calling on GM to do what is right and make their workers whole for the sacrifices they have made to rebuild the company. I stand in solidarity with the men and women of the UAW as they demand a fair contract.”