Michigan Dems Stand with LGBTQ+ Michiganders; 

House Passes Pride Month Resolution

Michigan LGBTQ+ Caucus at the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing, June 12,2024

Members of the LGBTQ+ Caucus at the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing, June 12, 2024


LANSING, Mich., June 12, 2024  — Speaker Pro Tempore Laurie Pohutsky (D-Livonia) presented House Resolution 279 declares June 2024 as Pride Month in the state of Michigan, celebrating the contributions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) people to Michigan Historically, Michigan Democrats have made passing a Pride resolution a priority to underscore support for LGBTQ+ communities across Michigan. The LGBTQ+ Caucus issued the following statement: 


“Recognizing Pride Month in Michigan symbolizes House Democrats’ enduring commitment to ensuring our LGBTQ+ constituents feel seen, heard, and supported by their Legislature. This commitment is underscored by our decisive actions in support of LGBTQ+ Michiganders during the 102nd Legislature — from passing legislation to enshrine equal rights for LGBTQ+ Michiganders under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, to prohibiting the harmful and cruel practice of “conversion therapy” for minors, to ensuring criminal defendants cannot excuse their violent acts on a victim’s actual or perceived gender identity (known as the “gay panic defense”). While there is more work to do, our commitment to making Michigan a safer, more welcoming, supportive state for LGBTQ+ people is unwavering.”


Pride Month began in June of 1970, the year after altercations between the NYPD and LGBTQ+ activists, largely under the brave leadership of transgender women, led to a series of riots in New York City in 1969. LGBTQ+ Pride Marches took place in multiple cities across America. Detroit hosted its first Pride March in 1972. Pride Month would not have been created were it not for the relentless efforts of demonstrators and activists, from the 1960s to today. The fight for representation, rights and security for LGBTQ+ people is one that has been waged for many years, and we continue to see positive change today. Democrats are fully committed to creating a Michigan where everyone is safe. 


Members of the LGBTQ+ caucus: 

Speaker Pro Tempore Pohutsky (D-Livonia) 

State Rep. Jason Morgan (D-Ann Arbor)

State Rep. Jason Hoskins (D-Southfield) 

State Rep. Mike McFall (D-Hazel Park) 

State Rep. Noah Arbit (D-West Bloomfield) 

State Rep. Emily Dievendorf (D-Lansing) 

State Sen. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield)