LANSING — Today, the Michigan House of Representatives passed state Rep. Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) House Bill 4207 on a strong bipartisan vote. The bill allocates existing Community Revitalization Program grant dollars to help redevelop existing neighborhood grocery stores or help build new ones in commercial corridors. Five percent of the fund would be set aside until June of each year for these grocery projects, and amount to a total of several million dollars per year.

“When I hear Lansing residents talk about important things they want in their neighborhood, people often mention a close, convenient grocery store,” said Rep. Schor. “These stores improve the quality of life by giving people better access to healthy food. It helps keep people living here, and attracts new residents.”

These convenient grocery stores are often viewed as an integral part of place-making that improve urban living. Research demonstrates they not only provide a sought after amenity, they also help fight chronic diseases that are diet related like heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

“I’m glad my colleagues on both sides of the aisle recognize the benefits these grocery stores can provide to families across Michigan, and I am proud to have their support on this important issue,” said Rep. Schor. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.