LANSING – State Representative Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) hosted three groups from West Michigan today in the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee where she serves as Democratic vice chairwoman. Michigan Works!, The SOURCE and TALENT 2025 showcased the work they have been doing for the west side of the state to help people find and keep jobs, and provide the necessary skills that employers need in today’s economy.   

“I am honored to host these three innovative groups in Lansing to show how they have been helping to expand opportunity and grow our West Michigan economy,” said Brinks. “We need to remember that a strong economy is built on a strong middle class. Further investing in a skilled workforce will ensure businesses get the talent they need.”

In attendance from Grand Rapids was Jacob Maas, the Executive Director of the Kent County regional office of Michigan Works!, Kevin Stotts, President of TALENT 2025, and Co-Directors Erika Gonzales and Joyce Lewis Rohrer from The SOURCE, where Brinks previously worked.

“Programs and initiatives aimed at talent development and training are essential for a vital workforce,” said Gonzales. “From our experience at The SOURCE, we would also encourage you to think about the supportive services that entry-level or low-income workers need to secure and maintain employment.”