LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) announced today that he received his committee assignments for the 2017-18 legislative term. Camilleri will serve on the House Committees on Education, Energy, and Commerce and Trade.

“I’m excited to receive these committee assignments so we can finally get to work hearing testimony and voting on legislation,” Camilleri said. “I look forward to using my position on these committees to advocate for policies that will benefit the working families, seniors and students of Michigan.”

As a former high school teacher now serving on the Education Committee, Camilleri will continue to advocate for access to quality schools and college readiness for all students. He plans to use his post on the Energy Committee to push for more investment in renewable energy, which will bring businesses and jobs to Michigan. On the Commerce and Trade Committee, Camilleri will pursue increased support for the small businesses that create jobs in local communities.

“It’s time for the Legislature to put families, school children and small businesses first again, instead of catering to big corporations and special interests,” Camilleri said. “I’m ready to work with my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats alike, to make Michigan a prosperous state for everyone.”