Rep. Cherry Announces Traffic Noise Analysis (Sound Wall Study) Will Take Place

A traffic noise analysis will be completed to show need for a sound wall.

FLINT — State Rep. John Cherry (D-Flint) announced today that a traffic noise analysis will be performed along westbound I-69 to the I-475 on ramp in order to determine whether sound levels could warrant abatement measures to block excessive noise from reaching neighborhoods. Representative Cherry recently visited the freeway shoulder near the I-69 and I-475 interchange with Michigan Department of Transportation Director Paul Ajegba to show the neighborhood’s need for noise abatement and advocate for a sound wall to be built.

“Getting a traffic noise analysis completed is the first step in collecting data to determine if traffic noise levels meet criteria to warrant future measures such as a sound wall,” Cherry said. “After speaking with Director Ajegba and touring the area to show how much of an impact this noise has on our community, I’m glad to say I’ve been assured a noise analysis will be performed as a part of the broader I-475 study. This study will get us the hard data we need to show the best path forward.”

The traffic noise analysis will be included alongside additional work the Michigan Department of Transportation has planned for the I-69/I-475 corridor. For more information regarding the sound study or the work being done by the Michigan Department of Transportation, residents are encouraged to visit and MDOT – Noise Abatement FAQs (