State Representative George T. Darany (D-Dearborn) announced today that nearly $400,000 in additional funds would go toward fixing Dearborn’s roads as part of the $100 million winter maintenance fund included in Senate Bill 608, Michigan’s fiscal year 2014 budget supplemental.

“I am happy to know that Dearborn will be receiving additional funds to repair our crumbling roads,” said Darany. “With the problems caused by this severe winter, it is important that we address this issue as soon as possible.”

SB 608 passed through the House and Senate and has been signed into law by the governor. The $100 million winter maintenance funds will be distributed to local governments with their next monthly Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) distribution, which they will receive on April 3. On the payment stub, it will show the additional amount as an ‘adjustment,’ so they can see the extra amount received from the supplemental.

“While I certainly agree that the issue of our crumbling roads needs to be addressed now, I am concerned that this one-time fix will not result in a long-term solution,” Darany said. “I am committed to working with my legislative colleagues to find a comprehensive plan for our roads.”