LANSING – State Representative George T. Darany (D-Dearborn) testified today during the House Committee on Regulatory Reform meeting in support of his bill that would allow community colleges and universities with culinary arts programs, like Henry Ford Community College (HFCC), to apply for a liquor license. This license would allow our culinary arts students to work with alcohol and serve it at events related to the culinary arts and hospitality programs. The plan, House Bill 4744, was discussed in the House Committee on Regulatory Reform today.

“This bill provides a two-fold benefit for our state,” Darany said. “It provides our culinary arts students with the knowledge of using alcohol in recipes and pairing drinks with dishes, which will enhance their education and job prospects after graduation. It also promotes Michigan-made products which supports our local economies.”

Representative Darany was joined in committee by Richard Teeple, Chef Instructor for Henry Ford Community College’s Culinary Arts Program; Michele Gyuricska , co-op student and dining room manager at the school’s culinary program; Angela Moore, student kitchen manager; and local business owner and HFCC Advisory Board member Gary Kuhlmann, who all testified in support of the bill. According to the Culinary Institute of America, formal training in spirits, wine and beer results in more opportunities and higher paying jobs for workers.

“We talk a great deal about making sure our children can compete for the best jobs upon completion of their education and this is another step we can take to accomplish that goal,” said Darany. “I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to pass this bill and provide new opportunities and better training for all of our students across Michigan.”