LANSING – State Representative Brandon Dillon (D-Grand Rapids) introduced an amendment Tuesday to the Michigan House of Representatives’ proposed omnibus budget that would prevent state funds from being used to pay for the state Senate’s move to new offices. The Senate is attempting to move forward with a $134 million move to the Capitol View building, located just a block away from their current building.

“This boondoggle is stealing money from our state that could be used to educate our kids, fix our roads or fund our police,” Dillon said. “At a time when many working Michigan families are still struggling, and many families are still facing foreclosure, it is wrong to spend $134 million to move senators less than a block just so they can get a better view of the state Capitol.”

Dillon’s amendment was rejected when the House omnibus budget was on its second reading Tuesday. Dillon pledged to keep fighting against the Senate’s extravagant move.

“As Legislators, the people of Michigan sent us to Lansing to be their voice and act on their behalf, not to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous,” Dillon said. “There are people, schools and communities that are more deserving of that $134 million. To spend it all on offices for 38 senators is a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars.”