LANSING — State Representative Gretchen Driskell (D-Saline) announced that she will be sponsoring two bills in a package of ethics, accountability and transparency legislation that call for an open, honest and accountable Legislature.

“This legislation is necessary to ensure that politicians are held to a higher standard.” Driskell said, “Our citizens should have full faith and trust that their elected officials act with integrity and accountability.”

The House Democratic package of bills, if enacted, would create a culture of ethics and transparency in campaigns and in the legislature. Driskell’s bills will prohibit elected officials from lobbying for two years after they leave office and strengthen the Campaign Finance Act to require additional financial disclosure.

Other bills included in the package will:

  • Require a corporation that makes independent expenditures to file a notice with the Secretary of State and get permission from shareholders.

  • Require committees to file quarterly campaign finance filings in both on and off years to shed more light on campaign contributions.

  • Create an ethics act for the administration and its employees to strengthen conflict-of-interest concerns for those individuals.

  • Create a lobbying expenditure database.

  • Require a candidate who switches parties to pay back with interest any contributions collected before the party switch.

“I believe that by ending the revolving door between the Capitol and lobby firms as well as strengthening campaign finance laws, we can ensure that Michigan government is working for the people,” Driskell said.