LANSING — State Rep. Fred Durhal III (D-Detroit) voted no today on House Bill 4323, a budget bill that provides Fiscal Year 2018 funding for all state governmental functions, except education. The bill passed the House and now is awaiting approval in the Senate before heading to the governor’s desk for his signature.

“We had multiple opportunities for bipartisan cooperation, yet once again, what passed the House today fell significantly short of what the state is not only capable of, but what it owes to the people,” said Rep. Durhal. “Incremental reinvestments in programs and services that were dramatically slashed six years ago is not sound policy or good governance. We’re still critically underfunding things like our roads and schools, and our state will continue to suffer for it.”

Despite recommendations from the governor for increased funding in a number of key areas, the budget passed does not do enough to address the state’s failing infrastructure, the funding shortfalls in a number of school districts or the thousands of families who were robbed when a UIA computer malfunction falsely accused them of unemployment fraud.  

“We’re not bestowing anything of substance to the people of Michigan with this budget,” said Rep. Durhal. “What was passed was about being able to claim a political victory, not a fiscal one. My House Democratic colleagues and I will continue fighting for policies and legislation that truly put the people of Michigan first.”