LANSING — State Rep. Brian K. Elder (D-Bay City) voted in favor today of Senate Bills 242-244, known as the ‘Good Jobs’ package, which aims to strengthen Michigan’s economy by creating incentives for businesses to locate and grow in the state if they are proven to create jobs. The legislation passed the House 71-35 after Democratic leadership successfully added several responsible amendments to the bills.

“These tax incentives are only available to entities that have created certified new jobs in the state. Those jobs must be full-time and pay between $20.53 and $25.66 per hour, and for my people, that’s a good living,” said Rep. Elder. “The safeguards put in place by this package ensure that we’re not just blindly handing out tax credits or other incentives — a business must prove its mettle, first.”

Through this legislation, authorized businesses could receive financial incentives if they meet certain requirements, including the creation of new, good-paying jobs. The incentive program would take effect within 30 days, and has a sunset date of Dec. 31, 2019, meaning the state could reassess the program quickly after analyzing its effectiveness. House Democrats were able to see a number of important amendments added to improve the bills, including allowing for local control, the implementation of the sunset, and capping the amount of credit that could be received.

“Good, honest and reasonable people will sometimes disagree on policy,” said Rep. Elder. “But I was proud of the give and take involved in these discussions, and I appreciate that this legislation is being given a chance. At the end of the day, I know this package will create jobs in the state, and that the work ethic of my people will guarantee that they’ll benefit from these incentives.”