LANSING — State Rep. Brian K. Elder (D-Bay City) voted no today on both the general government and school aid budgets, which following conference committees earlier today both passed the House and are now awaiting approval in the Senate before heading to the governor’s desk for his signature. 

“This is not a fiscally conservative budget as was the governor’s recommended version, but rather this is an ideologically conservative one that continues to rob my taxpayers of their services,” said Rep. Elder. “This budget pretends that our seniors are safe and secure, that our schools are adequately and fairly funded and that our cities have the revenue they need to put officers and firefighters on the streets, and none of those things are true. This budget does not reflect our Michigan values.”

Despite recommendations from the governor for increased funding in a number of key areas, the budget that passed does not work to repair the state’s failing infrastructure or correct the funding shortfalls in a number of school districts.

“I cannot support this proposed budget because it ignores the state of our home,” said Rep. Elder. “It ignores the state of our roads, it doesn’t protect our seniors and our veterans, and it leaves our schools underfunded. My people did not send me here to do those things, just so the wealthy can get a tax cut. In the end, a budget is a statement of priorities. While this may be a little better than what we saw before, it still stands as a testament to how skewed the House majority’s priorities are.”